Costumers' Satisfaction

Amini Brothers’ Stone Complex to respect customers’ rights has been making efforts to spread its products exactly based on the customers’ orders to have an important step in gaining customers’ satisfaction.

Constructional Stone Packing

One of the most important parameters in exporting constructional stone is paying attention to packing or in other words making pallets for the target stone. For more information the beneath text is given.

The main aim of stone packing is to prevent probable dangers in the timekeeping in storage, transportation and distribution. Also, keeping the emphatic features of stone is of importance.

Generally stone packing duties include the following:

1- Protection Role: preventing role from dangers and keeping the stone in the in different stages like: transportation and storage.

2- Noticing Role: Informing and introducing the product and giving the required information based on customer’s need.

3- Identifying Role: giving identification to the packed product within a proper design.

4- Commercial and sales Role: Increasing market shares from attraction and enthusiasm for selling.

Normally three types of packing are mentioned here:

1- Preliminary Packing: this packing is in full contact with the product and this is the first stone protective layer from external circumstances. Every piece of stone must be put in a paper or plastic protection.

2- Secondary Packing: this packing includes two or some preliminary packing inside and is the first exterior protection which is aimed to foster transportation process and is considered as an eminent factor in product protection.

3- Transportation (Exporting) Packing: this kind of packing is located on special pallets in transportation containers. According to the size and cartons of secondary packing is put into pallets. We always make the mentioned packing which best fits the size of the containers.

The style is normally designed based on the style of the destination’s formats.

Overall stone must be protected from below events:




-Moisture and bad weather



Other important points:

-Same shape and size: the stone in a pack must be as similar as possible plus having high quality.

-The packs must lack any exterior objects.