Organizational goals

Experienced and specialized staff of Amini Brothers’ Complex is fully prepared to give consultation over buying various types of stone via phone or in person; Use of stone has been directly effective on the choice of stone, hence the experienced staff of Amini Brothers’ Complex made an important step by introducing the collection of white onyx, Green onyx, Dehbid marble and Sirjan Crystal stone to be used by customers for appropriate usages.

Amini Brothers’ Stone Complex as a part of its commitment on the route of organizational goals tries to attract customers’ satisfaction to provide the best quality and similarity based on customers’ orders, so as to experienced sales experts will guide the intellectual customers from the choice of stone until applying the constructional stone in every type of private or governmental projects.

Customers' Satisfaction

Regarding years of gaining experience in stones like: onyx, marble and crystal, Amini Brothers’ Complex is to give services and share experiences which has gained during all these shiny years in stone field and its industry progress. According to the use of stone based on the customers’ requirements, tries to offer the best types of stone to be used in flooring, façade, walls and decorative stone.