Stone Quality

A high quality stone is referred to one which except beauty and induction of relaxation, would keep its resistance and strength during different weather conditions. Experts of Amini Brothers’ Complex have been trying to produce a kind of stone proportionate to the latest global standards.

Details of performance

Amini Brothers’ Stone Complex with two separate stone production in tiles and slabs and by using the below techniques has been trying to produce high quality constructional stone.

Cutting stone blocks is done in tile line via gang saw machines and in slab line via saw machines. The difference here is in block size which is extracted with a kind of machine.

The cut pieces of stone will get a mesh from behind and the mesh will stick to stone by special type of glue. Finally, they are dried in free air area.

The surface of stone is rubbed by resin and epoxy, then are put in the furnace to strengthen the stone under chemical reactions.

In this part stone is homogenized by the caliber and polishing machines.

It is done by resin and epoxy, after that dried by UV rays.

In this part the stone is polished by specific standards and is prepared for the final cutting.

Finally with full-automatic speedy cut machine in slab line and other machines stone is cut with any desired sizes ordered by customers.

Methods for strengthening

Amini Brothers’ Complex is the only active unit in this field which processes both sides of the stone to improve its quality with using back mesh plus glue for the back side and resin and epoxy for the surface of the stone.

In all processes of stone processing quality control units observe everything in detail and flawlessly produce a high quality product and try hard by controlling all production processes and ingredients of the processes.