These types of stone are exclusively used in decoration, stairways, interior design, pillar and pavement. Onyx is widely used as an ingredient of huge buildings and statues.

Geologically, onyx comes from metamorphosed limestone which in Latin it means onyx and marble, but in the market it is known as onyx and marble with a combination of metamorphosed or not metamorphosed limestone and Dolomites. Coarsed pale grey or white marble is also called crystal marble.

One of the most carbonated minerals is Aragonites. Aothorhomobic system with needled crystals and Pleomorphic calcite which means both have the same combination, but their crystal structure is different. This mineral is not stable in different geological eras and at last transforms to calcites.

Kerman province, with more than 40 types of minerals, has been dubbed as “Geological Paradise.” Existence of Sanandaj-Sirjan, Urmia-Khorasan, Central Iran and Ophiolite geological zones has brought wealth and potential to this state which is one of the richest regions of Iran in terms of underground reserves. Iron, copper, coal and chromite mines in this state are one of the richest mines in the country and in some cases unique.

Kerman is known for its mineral and nonmetallic mineral resources, one of the richest minerals in the country and is well-known in the name of “mine paradise”. Minerals such as coal, copper, iron, chrome, zinc, lead, titanium and decorative building stone can be the supplier of raw materials for transformation industry. Mines in this state play a major and valuable role in supplying of raw materials needed by the country’s industries.

Onyx comes from a Greek stem “marmoros” meaning shiny and is known as onyx in the market. Onyx is a kind of limestone. The polishing capability of this kind of stone is that much high that you can polish them up to a mirror’s satin. They consist various types of minerals and colors, hence their exclusive features are having beautiful colors and high polishing capability. It’s been for decades that these kinds of stone are used in building construction. These types of stone are exclusively used in decoration, stairways, interior design, pillar and pavement. Onyx is used as a raw material for designing gigantic buildings and sculptures. During the past 15 to 20 years due to day-rising numerous industries, decorative and valuable stones have not been able to meet the needs of them. Currently, most of the pavements are done by this type of stone.

One of the other types of onyx is green-colored stones which in Iran are widely used in religious places. In case of having some Dolomi in lime, magnesium inside the Dolomi is blended with other minerals under metamorphosis circumstances. Onyx is resistant to inappropriate weather such as hotness and coolness even under sun light and rain. Onyx is metamorphosis version of limestone. Its most prominent mineral is calcites. When limestone is under pressure and heat for a long time, it is metamorphosed and finally transforms to onyx. There is an extremely high possibility of onyx and travertine existence in locations with hot springs.