A Brief description of the company

Amini Brothers’ Factories and Mines Complex has started its business in 1975 aiming to extract numerous types of customized and constructional stone including, onyx, granites, travertine and Sirjan Crystal in Isfahan.

This giant production complex has been able to set foot in the worldwide market with utilization of (Iran mehr, Pishro Sang-E-Amin1, Pishro Sang-E-Amin2 and Boresh Sang-E-Amin) factories and (Kerman Green Onyx, Kerman White Onyx, Kerman Turquoise Onyx, Meymeh Pearl Onyx, Sirjan Crystal and Dehbid Shayan Marble) mines and had announced itself as one of the biggest stone exporters in Iran by production of different types of blocks and slabs.

Also, BoreshSang-E-Amin stonecutting has achieved the satisfaction of its customers for quality and delivery time of orders via using a full automatic slab line from Breton, Italy; including three chainsaw machines and one leveled, full automatic furnace.

Accomplishments and Awards

Referring to some of the honors gained by the Amini Brothers’ Stone Collections over the years, the service and day-to-day efforts:


Get a statue for attendance

The 9th Specialized Meeting and Direct Talks of Kish Construction Industry Leaders

Receive Thanksgiving for attending

The 10th International Exhibition of Stone, Mining and Related Industries

Gaining title as a worthy unit of appreciation

Amini Brothers Pearl Mines Complex Company

The company chooses the Amini Brothers' Stone company as an example of the industry

House of Industry, Mine and Trade of Isfahan Province

Receive Thanksgiving for attending

12th International Stone, Mining and Related Industries Exhibition

Pioneer of the industry and mining and art of Isfahan province


Choosing Haj Ahmad Amini as the Selected Pursuit

Seventeenth Honorary Celebration of Pioneers, Elites and Persons Deserving Industry, Mine and Art of Isfahan Province

Photo Gallery

Company Managers

Haj Ahmad Amini

Chairman of the Board

Mahdi Amini

Managing Director of Boresh-Sang-E-Amin Co

Mortaza Amini

Managing Director of Amini Brothers' Pearl Stone and Mines Complex Co