A Brief description of the company

Amini Brothers’ Factories and Mines Complex has started its business in 1975 aiming to extract numerous types of customized and constructional stone including, onyx, granites, travertine and Sirjan Crystal in Isfahan.

This giant production complex has been able to set foot in the worldwide market with utilization of   (Iran mehr, Pishro Sang-E-Amin1, Pishro Sang-E-Amin2 and Boresh Sang-E-Amin) factories and (Kerman Green Onyx, Kerman White Onyx, Kerman Turquoise Onyx, Meymeh Pearl Onyx, Sirjan Crystal and Dehbid Shayan Marble) mines and had announced itself as one of the biggest stone exporters in Iran by production of different types of blocks and slabs.

Also, BoreshSang-E-Amin stonecutting has achieved the satisfaction of its customers for quality and delivery time of orders via using a full automatic slab line from Breton, Italy; including three chainsaw machines and one leveled, full automatic furnace.

A review of Haj Ahmad Amini's actions, chairman of the board

Childhood and teenage

Haj Ahmad Amini has shown his skills regarding stone and gigantic projects with his father at providing the amount of stone required for building Ayatollah Boroujerdi Mosque in Qom from the time he was a child and only was eight years old. From then, providing the amount of stone for the important and huge governmental buildings in Tehran is another major action of him.

Career background

We can refer to building a unit of stone cutting factory in Tehran before 1969, also establishing the second unit of stone cutting factory on Dolat Abad’s road in 1969 and providing the amount of stone to build Pars Hospital in Tehran. Provision of 10 to 20 cm thickness stone for projects like: Imam Khomeini Square, Khajoo Bridge, Sofeh, Kaveh, Jey and Zayandehrood Terminals and also other projects such as: Kowsar Complex, Jahan Nama Tower in Isfahan, Isfahan’s Mosalla, Dr. Qarazi’s Hospital and Holy Shrines project in Najaf, Karbala, Mashhad are his best accomplishments.

Nurturing experts and entrepreneurship

Getting specialized staff and teaching them based on the newest requirements of stone market. Also, creating stable job opportunities and booming the job market have been one of the most emphatic concerns of all time, hence by appropriate management of work force he has created a suitable entrepreneurship. Founding one of the biggest and most advanced stone productions units in Iran has created great job opportunities and extracting Sirjan Cryastal mine, Nihbandan Granite mine, Kerman onyx and Meymeh pearl onyx mines are most important entrepreneurship centers all around country.

Diagnosing the newest issues of industry

Non-stop participation at international stone exhibitions inside and out of the country, conferences and related associations has made him gain a full understanding of the newest trends in industry world.

Participation at Industrial, Social and Cultural associations (National and International)

Membership in Isfahan’s miners’ board, Isfahan’s stonecutters’ guild, Isfahan’s employers’ guild and more than 20 years chairman of Najaf Abad stonecutters’ union.

Accomplishments and Awards

Best State Unit in 2005, Achieving ISO 9001-2008 Certification in Quality Management, Achieving the symbol of the bests in 2010 and 2011 and also Best Industrial Unit in 2014 are just a part of all his accomplishments.

Company Managers

Haj Ahmad Amini

Chairman of the Board

Mahdi Amini

Managing Director of Boresh-Sang-E-Amin Co

Mortaza Amini

Managing Director of Amini Brothers' Pearl Stone and Mines Complex Co