Amini Brothers’ Complex is completely ready to provide services to friends and customers all over the globe via four production units, equipped with the most thorough continuous cutting and production lines from the Italian company, “Breton” for slabs and tiles.

Tile line:

We refer to tile as constructional stone smaller than 90 X 90 cm for all types such as: pavement, short-sized and lengthy which are produced and provided for others in Amini Brothers’ Complex.

Tiran Tile Line: Cutting and polishing marble stone with five gang saw machines, Caliber machine, furnace and final polishing machine, also cutting and polishing granites which is done by five gang saw machines, caliber machine and final polishing machine. This line is equipped with Italian Breton Machines and is controlled by hardworking Iranian staff. Also, due to customer right principles and satisfaction, at the end of each line after finalizing each product there are experts who recheck and analyze the quality of the final products.

Another tile line of Amini Brothers’ Complex is in Iran Mehr stone cutting factory which produces different types of pavement stone, small-sized and lengthy Sirjan Crystal Marble.

Also, Amini Brothers’ Stone Complex is equipped with granite production line at Pishro Sang-E-Amin(1)  which is located in Najaf Abad Industrial Zone.




Slab line:

Slab is referred to constructional stone larger than 90 X 90 cm.  Slab production line in Amini Brothers’ Stone Complex is equipped with all full-automatic Breton Machines, including: four saw machines, 40 leveled furnace, Caliber machine, and final polishing machine and CNC machine.

Similar to other production lines, all productions in this line will be analyzed after finalizing all production processes by experts and ready to be spread to the market.